We Strive On Excellence...
"Excellence is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

Combining their corporate world experience, in 2003 a business partnership emerged between husband and wife. Their partnership in business involved serving the IT needs of small businesses and personal computer users. Clientele included lawyers, FBI agents, Police, local government officials, teachers, accountants, military personnel and a whole host of small businesses.

Services provided, included computer repairs, data recovery, consultation of security software, custom programming and website creation and design.

With the dynamics of technology came advancement of the personal computer. Technology in smaller devices made personal computers disposable and too costly to repair versus replacement.

Like technology, circumstances in life evolve, (such as the economy) and many essentials became non-essential. To keep business viable, SEVA relocated to a more business friendly environment. We reassessed, reorganized and reviewed the current technical needs required to successfully conduct business in today's market. The data analysis revealed the exponential growth of social media presented new challenges to businesses unprepared.

SEVA is assured that out of the many services we provide, there is one that is bound to fit your business needs. We here at SEVA know personally the challenges and sacrifice of building a successful business.

A Division of Sterling Executive Ltd Co.